January 2, 2011

January Events

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Jan. 6th ~ Thursday 6pm - 10pm

Jan. 7th ~ First Friday Westchester - 4pm - 8pm

January 1, 2011

1 1 11

I was up at exactly 3 33 this am wanting to text my son "dude it's 333 on 1111" I resisted, he was at the Rave by USC, anyway I had to share it somewhere; it felt like such a powerful moment.

As corny as it sounds, 2010 was a year of change, adaptation, modification and refinement. I felt it locally and universally; a resurgence of our energy and spirituality. Most specifically as demonstrated, vividly, by the pioneers of the mobile food truck craze, an amazing group of the hardest working people I have ever met, grass roots entrepreneurship.

As Frankie's alter ego, I have made a resolution to be more expeditious in the updates of our calendar, check out 'finding Frankie'.

We are pumped and have some new locations we are excited to tell you about, first Thursday's on Melrose, in partnership with Melrose merchants we'll be "bringing it to the streets" at www.melrosenight.com
Get out of your cars and into our trucks...

Wishing you an amazing year, Suzanne :)